How to Repair a Concrete Pool?

A concrete pool might be the most durable and long-lasting of all types of pool, but that doesn’t mean it is free from damages. The two problems that usually develop in a concrete pool are structural damages and surface damages. Whichever one it is, it is a serious enough problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Most concrete pool damages develop during the pool design, construction, or maintenance. When any of this is done incorrectly, structural or surface damage may happen. Thus, the best thing is to ensure that the design, construction, and maintenance are done appropriately to prevent the damages from ever happening. Here, we discuss the major faults that your pool can have and how to fix them.

Pool Cracks

In order to understand a pool crack, it is essential to know the parts of a pool. A pool has two main parts – the surface, which includes liner, Gelcoat, plaster, etc. The shell, which is the material used to build the pool, such as concrete, metal, fiberglass, etc. 

Surface Crack: When there is a crack in your swimming pool, there is a high chance it is not from the shell. It is most times the surface of the pool that cracks, and such crack doesn’t extend beyond the plaster. Surface cracks such as that do not cause leaks, but this doesn’t mean they are not a problem. Surface cracks could lead to more algae problems for your concrete pool, which is susceptible to algae even without the cracks. It could also cause calcium nodules.

Therefore, a surface plaster crack must be fixed immediately. This can be done by patching the cracks or too many cracks; replacing the pool plaster becomes the only option. Replacing the plaster is an expensive repair and may cost about $10,000.

Structural Crack: The other type of crack that can occur in a pool and a truly disastrous one in all ramifications, is the structural damage. This crack can take any form and appear anywhere in the pool. The cracks can be in any pattern and will generally cause leaks. So if you notice that you top off your pool water more often than you used to do, you should check for structural cracks.

Factors that cause structural cracks

Poor Engineering or Construction: If a pool is not designed correctly or built with low-quality material, it is likely to crack. This can also happen when it is installed close to another structure.

Ground Movement: If the ground moves for any reason, perhaps an earthquake, the pool may crack.

Groundwater: hydrostatic pressure caused by groundwater can lead to cracks.

Shift in soil: If the soil around the pool shell shift continuously due to not being properly compacted, it can cause cracks

Freezing and Thawing: When the ground freezes, it compacts. When it thaws, it expands. This alternation can lead to cracks.

Fixing Structural cracks

You can fix the structural cracks by:

Injecting polyurethane or epoxy into the crack, which would seal it off.

Applying hydraulic cement over the open cracks

Using rebar stables to close the crack

Removing the damaged area and redoing it


When it comes to cracks, the earlier you fix them, the better. Once you notice a crack, call an expert to determine its severity and repair it immediately. If you aren’t sure feel free to call your local contractor. If you are in Oahu, Hawaii visit and give them a call!


Unique Decks for Pools

Having a swimming pool comes at a high cost and definitely with great benefits too. But when a swimming pool isn’t just about the water. The deck is equally essential. A pool deck determines many things, such as how the pool fits into the landscape as well as safety for the swimmer. A good deck provides the spot you need to walk, lounging, and take in the whole pool experience. In fact, you are more likely to spend more time on the deck than inside the water. Given the significance of the deck, it is essential that you get the right one for your pool. Here, we look at what to consider when choosing a deck for your pool and unique decks you can pick from.

What to Consider When Choosing a Deck

Material: The material you are using for your deck goes a long way in determining your deck’s durability and comfortability. Since you will be walking barefoot on the deck, you must ensure that the material won’t get slippery when it is wet and not the type that absorbs too much heat. Different materials used for the deck include poured concrete, precast cement pavers, brick, wood, stone tile, and surface coating.

Design and Installation: Installing a pool deck is a very technical process that requires a professional to handle to achieve the right results. You also need to determine the particular design based on material that you will like to use and let an expert handle the whole construction.

That said, there are various pool deck designs that stand out and compliment both your landscape and the pool as well. Here are some of them.

Wood and Stone Deck: Imagine the spectacular design that a combination of these two natural elements will achieve. The wood and stone deck is best implemented as a wraparound in an Above ground pool. Thus, giving the pool a deep in-ground pool.

Terraced deck: imagine a wooden terraced deck for your pool. This deck works efficiently with an above ground or in-ground pool. The deck’s dark brown contrasts sharply with the blue of the water to create a striking scene.

Platform Deck: If you have a massive backyard space and want a deck that makes the most of it, this deck presents a great option. It is raised a little high, thus making it inaccessible for pets and children. The deck provides ample space for loungers.

Deck with Automatic Cover: Are you looking to protect your pool from natural elements, stop leaves from falling into it and prevent children and pets from going near when an adult isn’t there. This unique wooden deck offers you that. The cover reel is stored at the pool end, and there are pull ropes running through the aluminum tracks along to the side of the pool. With the automatic cover, you spend less money on cleaning the pool and heating costs.

Fenced-in Deck: Create a safe pool by adding fences along its rims and the deck. By fencing the pool, you can ensure that no one can access the pool without your permission. Most suitable in a home with kids and animals who are likely to wander.


There plenty of designs and ideas for decks above ground and in-ground swimming pools. Decks for above ground pools serve a functional purpose as it eliminates the space existing between the ground and the pool while also adding to the landscape beauty.


DIY Home Remodels

Home improvements are a costly thing with all the money you have to pay for materials and labor. That is why most homeowners never do it. But a time comes when your home starts feeling like it needs to be updated. You are probably worried about the money you have to spend when that time comes. The truth is apart from remodeling projects that involve restructuring your home; there are many things you can still do to improve your home.

There are DIY projects you can do with your weekend that will significantly improve your home. This article has compiled some of these simple and inexpensive ways to improve every part of your home from the kitchen to the exterior. All of them are easy to do without requiring so much technical knowledge, and they will surely fit into your budget. 

Paint your kitchen cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets are one of the costliest improvements you can make in your home. The cheapest would set you back by thousands of dollars. But you can save this cost and still improve your kitchen by just painting the cabinets. Most times, what is wrong with the cabinets is they have lost their shine. So instead of spending money unnecessarily on the cabinets, paint them. You don’t even need to call a professional painter because it is quite simple to do. The key to quality painting is preparing the surface adequately and using quality paint. You can easily find tutorials on painting and, in one weekend, transform your kitchen cabinet. 

Window and Door Trim:

Adding trim to an otherwise plain window can transform it. You may think you need a contractor or woodwork skills to do this; in reality, you don’t. You can find detailed step by step tutorials that will guide you. With practice, you will become good enough to install your window frame yourself and transform your home, one window at a time. You can do the same thing for your doors.

Paint your tub and tile:

Instead of ripping out those old ceramic tiles and tub looking a little greyish due to long usage, you can do something simpler, less stressful, and cheaper – paint it. Painting those tiles and tubs will not fix the problem entirely. But it gives you more time to save for a permanent and more long-term solution for your bathroom. Using white waterproof paint can do all the wonders you wish for.

Concrete Countertop:

Replacing your kitchen countertop is a costly expense. Whether you are using granite, quartz, or even laminate, you definitely would be spending some money. However, you can go for a cheaper and equally durable and stylish option – concrete. A concrete countertop is something you can do yourself with basic knowledge of slab making. Combining the dull grey of concrete with a newly painted brightly colored cabinet will transform your kitchen space.

Add Framed Mirrors to Flat doors:

Flat doors are the plain Janes of home architecture. You can transform these doors into something pleasant in terms of aesthetics and very functional. Framed mirrors on plain doors, such as closets and bathrooms, serves a clear purpose. But they also create an illusion of a bigger room. When doing this project, you should ensure you paint the mirror’s edges to match the color of the door or even go as far as caulking them to make fit in perfectly and look seamless. All you need to attach the mirror to the door is an adhesive.

Paint your ceiling:

The ceiling is the fifth wall, and adding color to it could give your home decor a new look. Use paint that compliments the whole room.


The DIY projects you can use to transform your home are unlimited. All you have to do is take time out every weekend and transform your home one part at a time.